Korea-Australia Arts Foundation – KAAF Art Prize – Commended

Delighted to have received a commendation Award at the Kaaf Art Prize!

Thank you to Judges John Mcdonald – Art Critic and Columnist SMH, Oliver Smith – Senior Lecturer SCA and Professor Suh Yongsun – Faculty of Fine Arts, SNU

A Word from the Judge (published in 2018 KAAF Art Prize Catalogue)


“What’s most appealing about this painting is its raggedness, it’s brazen lack of finish. It can take an artist a long time to work up the courage to leave forms and surfaces in such a raw state. The temptation is to fill in gaps and define contours to give a more authoritative result. Ann Arora, by contrast, has produced a seemingly casual image of a group of men in the street in which details are less important than the energy of the brushstrokes, the interplay of flat planes and pattern, the thin and dense application of paint, and a fearless use of colour. It’s a work one returns to again and again, largely because of its unpredictability.”

John McDonald

Art Critic and Columnist SMH


Venue: Korean Cultural Centre
Dates: 30th Nov 2018 – 25th Jan 2019